Do Less for More Fulfillment


The belief, that we need to do more, is compelling. Would it not be better to believe in doing those things that matter; and, to have experiences that have relevance, significance or importance in our lives? Sure, but, I often find myself still struggling with trying to do everything because I fear I will be missing out if I do not try to do it all. Ironically, I have discovered, that it is in trying to do everything, that has been causing me to miss out on what really matters most. Can you relate?

The complicated part is prioritizing what is essential in my life. What matters MOST to me? What brings me the most satisfaction, the most joy, the most bliss, the most contentment? Obviously, each of us have our own personal preferences. I get to decide what is most relevant, significant, and important to me. I suppose I could engage in a number of programs, matrices and questions that have been laid out by many “experts”. However, who KNOWS me best? Me. And, I have found the best way for me to choose is to sit quietly, meditatively and mindfully, to weigh in on every aspect of my life such as: spiritual, social (family and friends), physical well-being, industrial/professional, recreational, etc.

The answers has to come from within us. And, the questions we get to ask are also within us. The key element to tuning into these questions and answers is silence, which means eliminating distractions. What that looks like for me is going to be different for what it looks like for you. Our environment gets to be those surroundings that allow us to focus and reflect. Then the questions and answers will reveal themselves to us.

The questions I have found within me involve personal fulfillment and bliss.  Here are a couple of them: What gifts do I most enjoy sharing that are of service, fulfill my purpose and bring me bliss? What specific goals do I wish to accomplish that will bring me the most joy as it brings joy to others?

These questions came to me when I was able to sit quietly and reflect. And, now I get to answer these questions gently and mindfully as I weigh in on each of the things that are most valuable to me and those that I most want to experience. I also get to let go of the belief that I need to do everything. I do not need to be busy all the time to accomplish everything I want to do. I get to do things attentively and joyfully. The fear is gone. More gets done. Paradoxical, isn’t it? Ah, such is life, a great puzzle.

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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