Feeling overwhelmed?


What do you do when your mind shifts into OVERWHELM? (We want to do it all; BUT, it seems TOO MUCH with holidays approaching.)

I posted this on my Facebook timeline and have received some really great advice, tips, and comments. Personally, I know that I need to approach the holiday hustle and bustle with a gentle hand; and, follow through with the concept of LESS is MORE. I don’t have to do it all. I can do LESS. And, in the process I will ENJOY more.

Here are a sampling of the responses to: What do YOU do when your mind shifts into OVERWHELM?

Susan B. stated: Long, slow, deep breathing. And meditation. And listening to mantras. And sipping a great tea, very slowly.

Debra S. shared: Naps are a wonderful thing. Whether long or short, they seems to provide the extra oomph needed.

Sue C. voiced: Check in with yourself. Lean in to whatever feels better.

Debra B. advised: Break tasks into little bites. Then tackle them. Write all tasks down and put them in categories [such as]:

  • Immediate (paid work)
  • Things for the coming season celebrations.
  • Things that can be left till the new year.

If your things for the coming celebrations are too much then drop some activities or things you are doing. It’s ok to say “no”

Have no more than micro 6 tasks in any given day. Rest is important.

Trish H. replied: I ask myself if it is really necessary. Is it worth the trouble. Put out a lot less Halloween stuff this year, had just as much fun with less stress. Focused on a few important things.

Debra G shared: I make a list to clarify just what needs to be done and assign each chore, task or event a day and I continue to whittle away at the list till it’s done or managed.

I have the most amazing Facebook friends. Their suggestions are on the nose. Let us remember to focus on what is important; write down tasks into a list helps to deflate the overwhelm as we prioritize them. To ask ourselves simple questions like: Is it necessary? How does it feel? What is vital? are powerful! Most importantly, paying attention to our physical needs and overall well-being is essential. Rest and self-care goes a long way to reduce stress, keeping our immune system robust and balanced; especially when we can incorporate a practice of deep breathing, meditating and reflecting.

I also want to add that it is okay to ask for help and support. I am certain there are many in our lives who are just waiting for us to lean on them. Let us give our loved ones the opportunity to step up and be the hero. We do not  have to do it all and we do not have to do it alone. The countdown to the holidays may now proceed. We got this. Right?

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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