Inktober Challenge Day 23 – Muddy

Muddy I used watercolor and a uni-ball fine point ink pen in my art journal. Here is a poem I wrote inspired by today’s prompt… muddy muddy waters muddy shore muddy colors muddy store muddy field muddy cleats muddy hands muddy feet muddy situation muddy facts muddy ethics muddy tracks muddy morals muddy times muddy … More Inktober Challenge Day 23 – Muddy



Processing a healing poem by Dr. Angi When events go differently than we expect, let us take the time to process the effect. Sit with it. Digest it. Integrate it. And with our hearts we get to deflect. The negativity we need to repel. And the strong emotions we must dispel. We have seemed to … More Processing

Three Poems

An Adventurous Outing A poem by Dr. Angi (Dr. Angela K. Orobko) An adventurous outing is an angel’s delight, Carried away with the dandelion, she is out of sight. As she watches a mermaid bronze in the sun. This angel is conspiring with the fairies to have some fun. Whisk away like a dog on … More Three Poems

My Creative Process

The principal part of my creative process is trusting my intuition. I pay attention to my inner knowing and feelings. I allow them to guide my experiences as I write, paint, draw, et cetera. So, what is intuition? According to, intuition is a direct awareness of truth or fact that is independent of any … More My Creative Process

We Are More

We Are More a poem by: Dr. Angi I know that I am more because I have met you. I know that you are more because you have met me. Life is peculiar like that, you see. We will never be the same as we were once before. Our lives have become enriched; taking flight, … More We Are More