12 ways to reduce stress.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and U.S. Columbus Day. Many of us have the day off and are enjoying a long weekend. This is a great time to decompress and reduce the pressure in our lives. I encourage you to take advantage of it. Here are twelve strategies that I use to limit stress all the … More 12 ways to reduce stress.



Freedom, which many take for granted, is the power or right to act, speak or think without hindrance. Freedom is, also, that condition in which we are not restrained, encumbered, imprisoned, or enslaved.  Freedom has not always been everyone’s right. As most of us know, slavery was legal and abundant in the United States until … More Freedom

Everyone counts.

As we open our hearts to include everyone, no matter what their size, shape, creed, or culture, we find that our lives become enhanced by the array and assortment of viewpoints and beliefs. We discover that love and kindness comes in a variety of ways and actions. Let us practice the art of inclusion. Let us open our arms … More Everyone counts.