November Create Whimsy Challenge

During the month of November, I will be creating whimsical illustrations from the following creativity prompts shared by Ceci, one of my creative online friends.  Thank you Ceci. If you are so inspired, create along with me.   (Use the prompts any way you like (and in any order); there is an alternative prompt: self-portrait … More November Create Whimsy Challenge



Processing a healing poem by Dr. Angi When events go differently than we expect, let us take the time to process the effect. Sit with it. Digest it. Integrate it. And with our hearts we get to deflect. The negativity we need to repel. And the strong emotions we must dispel. We have seemed to … More Processing

Give Yourself Credit

When is the last time you gave yourself credit for anything you have done? Acknowledging our creative power of the past in a list of our accomplishments, from our first memories to present, grants us evidence that we are quite adept in obtaining our greatest desires and dreams. Furthermore, as we look back to our … More Give Yourself Credit

Change the Channel

When I don’t enjoy what I am watching on television, I simply get up and change the channel. In fact, with my remote control I can easily browse! It takes little to no effort to find something else to watch. And, wow, there is SO MUCH from which to choose. I have applied this simple … More Change the Channel