Create and use a sacred space for revival.

Revival is defined as a recovery, a renewal, or an awakening; but, in this article, revival describes a renewed interest in one’s spirituality and self-sanctity to produce serenity, bliss, and contentment. A sacred space is not physical place, but rather a setting or environment where we can connect with our soul. To create a sacred … More Create and use a sacred space for revival.

Expand your awareness.

Awareness is your ability to sense, to feel, to perceive, to comprehend and/or to be conscious of events, conditions, objects, or patterns in your external or internal environment. Some people are more acutely aware than others, while some are “blind” or desensitized to certain conditions, objects or events in their environment. White noise like a … More Expand your awareness.

5 ways to simplify.

Visualize a space filled with unsorted mail, magazines, a couple boxes of holiday decorations and other misplaced items; and, every hour in the week is filled with work, events and obligations. Now, visualize a space that is open with only essential items and a few aesthetic pieces; and, a calendar is pared down to only … More 5 ways to simplify.