Hearts That Care is an organization and program founded and created by Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko, aka Dr. Angi.

Hearts That Care empowers you to overcome bullying and develop a bully-free environment in your  community, school, organization or business with Dr. Angi’s guidance and customizable program based in scholarly research and the ARTbundance™ principles such as gratitude, choice, balance, vision, action, connection and service.

Hearts That Care utilizes the modalities of art and writing to inspire and promote the positive spirit. Kindness and fun are two key components in the program that will foster the positive changes that will create a caring environment in yourcommunity, school, organization or business.

You will discover how wonderful you and your community are as you learn how to live in kindness and love, free of bullying, injustice and hurt. This blog is an extension of the Hearts That Care main site to give you a sample of what Hearts That Care can provide you to serve your school,  organization and/or community.


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  1. I love what your blog is about! My father, a victim of child abuse would always remind me before I attended school, “Be kind to everyone, because you never know if school is their only sanctuary”


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