Let kindness rule.


Let me start off this article by recognizing that many communities in the United States have started school this week; and, others are getting ready to start school in the weeks to come. As an anti-bullying expert and educator, I want to encourage each of you to inspire the children, adolescents and teenagers in your lives to: START SCHOOL BY BEING COOL, NOT CRUEL; AND, LET KINDNESS RULE. Model compassion and kindness in your homes, communities, and work places. Express more positive words in your social media posts and electronic communications. A little love and gratitude does go a long way.

If you are in the school system, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have been there and done that. It is not easy and it can be a thankless job. I have also found it to be rewarding. Make this year this BEST year yet to come! You may be the only positive influence for some of the students under your care.

We are also coming up on the U.S. Presidential Election. Let us express our support for our chosen candidates responsibly with dignity and honor without resorting to slighting and/or vilifying other candidates. This is an opportunity to demonstrate to our youth how we uphold our values and beliefs. I know of no one who is perfect. Each of us have our faults and weaknesses. Each of us have made our share of mistakes. And, each of us have our strengths, talents, and successes. And, so do the U.S. Presidential candidates.

We do NOT have to be bullies. We do NOT have to be unkind. Let kindness rule.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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