I am going to take some time this weekend to unplug myself and basically step away from anything electronic. I need a break from my computer, my smart phone, the e-mails, social media, yahoo news, Netflix and television. I am going to immerse myself in the outdoors for at least 4 hours and commune with … More Unplug.

Do it anyway.

The moment I withheld judgment over my creative endeavors, the more I did and the better I got. If you feel you cannot dance, draw, sing, act, sew, cook, ice skate, play a musical instrument or a sport, and the like… DO IT ANYWAY. Do those things you enjoy doing, even if you feel you … More Do it anyway.

Let kindness rule.

Let me start off this article by recognizing that many communities in the United States have started school this week; and, others are getting ready to start school in the weeks to come. As an anti-bullying expert and educator, I want to encourage each of you to inspire the children, adolescents and teenagers in your … More Let kindness rule.

Yes, or no?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Too often in the past, when I made a decision, I did not take into consideration the investment of my time or space that a yes would entail; even though, I knew the value of saying no to others was saying, “yes!” to me. The challenge was that many of the decisions … More Yes, or no?


I feel so grateful right now. As I look upon my life, I see that I am enormously blessed. I refuse to take anything or anyone for granted. I value my health and appreciate my mobility. All my physical needs are being met like food, water, clothing, and shelter. I have a wonderful family, good … More Gratitude