A fun art party with my sister creating mandalas.


On Monday, my sister and I spent some quality time together creating mandalas inspired by instruction from The Mandala Guidebook (how to draw, paint and color expressive mandala art) by Kathryn Costa. First of all, I have to sing my praises to Kathryn Costa. She did an outstanding job with this inspirational book. Together with 10 contributing artists and North Light Books, Kathryn created a quality product with instruction that is not only straightforward and uncomplicated, but also, a pleasure to follow. I am profoundly impressed by the quality of the paper, the colorful images, the beautiful fonts used on the pages, the organization of the images and information, and all the details. Everything is top-notch. The decision to buy one copy for myself and another copy for my sister was a great one, as she would have been tempted to take my copy back to her home 650 miles away.


My sister and I are savoring the experience by going through The Mandala Guide slowly. After a brief introduction, and information on drawing and coloring tools, Kathryn takes us through our mandala journey in chapter one with a demonstrative lesson on the freehand method of creating a mandala followed by creating mixed media mat and ideas on how to mandala our world. My sister drew her mandala using colored pencils (Prismacolor). As an experienced artist, I decided to use a paintbrush instead of a marker, pen or pencil to draw my mandala with liquid watercolor paints (Blick) as my medium. I used a size 5 round watercolor brush and the colors green, turquoise blue, and magenta. The process was fun and relaxing. Here are images of my process and our finished mandalas inspired by pages 13 – 17 in chapter 1.

I cannot wait to explore the other 9 chapters, as I savor them over the next couple of months… from the Grid Method, Sacred Geometry to Mandalas for Healing and Self-expression. Bravo Kathryn! Thank you for sharing your gifts and your love of mandalas with us through your magnificent book. My sister and I are really enjoying it.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko

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