The Concept of “Unfriend”

Giving Heart

I value people, connections and friendship, even if we have never met face-to-face. Facebook has made it easier to reconnect with people we knew from our past and make new connections with people of like-mind and spirit. My heart is heavy right now…because I just learned something about myself and others. It seems I invest too much of my heart into my connections and others do not… 

Consider this… strangers on the street or in cyberspace are all extensions of ourselves….when we show kindness, love, compassion, appreciation, any attention to others we are fueling our own heart and soul…at least that is what I believe.

On the flip side, when these connections are severed…there is a hole, a void, albeit it may not be very big…but even a tiny pin prick hurts.

I guess, I will never understand the concept of “unfriending” someone because I haven’t connected with he or she in a while (outside of Facebook). Isn’t that what Facebook allows you to do…to stay connected; see updates; share encouragement…etc.

I cannot control who wants to continue to be my friend or not on Facebook or in real life. I wish all those well who decide to “downsize” and “unfriend” me. I am delighted and grateful that we had an opportunity to connect no matter how briefly.

I can promise anyone who wishes to be my friend and I accept that I would only sever a friendship if there were a negative exchange/situation that could not be resolved; and, it would be mutual. 

My purpose in life is to be a positive influence and source of inspiration and creativity to anyone who connects with me in whatever capacity…. fellow human, client, acquaintance, friend, family, close friend. I look forward to nurturing the heart and spirit of others with my words, my art and my friendship.  Comments are always welcomed. You can easily find me on Facebook. 

Cheers! ♥ Dr. Angi

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