Ricky, the name used here for the young man in the video has been a victim of bullying and teasing. Here is his story:

I Feel
Like I
to be
So that
People will
Like me
And I Will
Belong to
Their group
But really
If they don’t
Like me
For Who I am
They’re not worth
Acting for
I Think
That Everyone should
Just Be Themselves
No One should Judge them…(see video for more).

The wisdom of this young man is beyond his years. He truly has understanding. May we all learn from him. He belongs. We belong. We all need to just get along. Love and kindness are the solution.


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Charlotte and Jonathan

This is going to be a first of many times we will hear about JONATHAN and Charlotte! WOW!!! Get out the tissue box, because tears will well up in your eyes. I love these types of stories. YES, indeed, NO ONE should judge a book by its cover.

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