Three Poems

An Adventurous Outing A poem by Dr. Angi (Dr. Angela K. Orobko) An adventurous outing is an angel’s delight, Carried away with the dandelion, she is out of sight. As she watches a mermaid bronze in the sun. This angel is conspiring with the fairies to have some fun. Whisk away like a dog on … More Three Poems

My Creative Process

The principal part of my creative process is trusting my intuition. I pay attention to my inner knowing and feelings. I allow them to guide my experiences as I write, paint, draw, et cetera. So, what is intuition? According to, intuition is a direct awareness of truth or fact that is independent of any … More My Creative Process

Creative expression and meaningful connections.

Camp Creative Thunder magically progressed and developed over the next few days in the middle of July in Taos, New Mexico as each of us channeled our inner creative spirits. Jill Badonsky guided and facilitated the mesmerizing and fascinating experience as she immersed the eleven of us into activities that permitted us to express ourselves … More Creative expression and meaningful connections.