A Kitten Tale

What happens when it rains dogs and cats? You may just end up with a kitten. That is exactly what happened to my sister last week. While we are 600 miles apart from each other, my sister and I have been experiencing very wet weather, which is typical this time of year for the southeast … More A Kitten Tale

Each of us has a story.

While the end-of-the-year holidays are usually joyful and fun for many, it may be difficult, taxing and hard for others. Some of us thrive on all the merry-making, partying, decorating, gift-giving, and card-sending; and, others are stressed out, annoyed, and/or irritated. You know, like Scrooge and his bah-humbugging! He had his backstory, right? Annoyance! Irritation! Nuisance! … More Each of us has a story.