Doodle your week.

I like to start off my day with some sort of creative warm-up. And, lately, I have been having a good time starting my days and weeks creating postcard size water color art, which have help me to center myself and quiet my thoughts… you know the ones that whizz by at top speeds bouncing … More Doodle your week.

Mind map your life.

As the writer, director and producer of my life, one of the tools I use is a concept map, also called a mind map. Concept or mind maps are graphic organizers. Graphic organizers are visual displays of information such as a chart or a graph. Concept maps start with a central idea from which you … More Mind map your life.

Have fun.

FUN Fun is colorful! Fun is festive. Fun is whatever we make of it! Creating fun is fun. Sparkly, bubbly and fanciful, fun can be. Especially when it is more than just me. Smile on my face and a grin from grace. Joy and delight with all our might! Life is too brief to be … More Have fun.