Processing a healing poem by Dr. Angi When events go differently than we expect, let us take the time to process the effect. Sit with it. Digest it. Integrate it. And with our hearts we get to deflect. The negativity we need to repel. And the strong emotions we must dispel. We have seemed to … More Processing.

“Thorns have Roses.” A true story of kindness.

My amazing sister shared the following true story about herself with me a few years ago. I felt compelled to reprise it after my last blog, “Get involved, be positive, use loving words and be kind.” My sister spreads love and kindness the best way she knows how, through her empathy, her compassion and her … More “Thorns have Roses.” A true story of kindness.

Everyone counts.

As we open our hearts to include everyone, no matter what their size, shape, creed, or culture, we find that our lives become enhanced by the array and assortment of viewpoints and beliefs. We discover that love and kindness comes in a variety of ways and actions. Let us practice the art of inclusion. Let us open our arms … More Everyone counts.