Mistakes and Failures Equal Opportunities for Growth

I have found over and over again: There are no mistakes or failures, only opportunities for growth; mistakes are our best teachers! I call this statement: Dr. Angi’s 4th Law of Self-Empowerment Babies are notorious for their ability to learn from their mistakes, seemingly without fear, as they take chances touching things and putting things … More Mistakes and Failures Equal Opportunities for Growth

Clarity With Time

Let me share with you my 3rd Law of Self-Empowerment: Time away from a difficult moment DOES give you clarity! ~ Dr. Angi They say time heals all wounds. I say not only does it heal all wounds, but it also transforms them into blessings and opportunities. We gain clarity as time passes, as long … More Clarity With Time

ABC Appreciation GAME

Too often we may lose sight of what we value and appreciate as we become complacent with our health, our friends and family, our environment, and the comforts of our material goods. In the past couple of days I have been having a bit of fun with social media by reigniting appreciation in myself and … More ABC Appreciation GAME

Important Influence

I owe a large part of who I am today to my father and my mother. While no one is perfect, my parents have been steadfast with their discipline, direction, love, support, and dependability. They took their role as father and mother very seriously. My sister and I always felt secure and loved. I am … More Important Influence