The Creative Spirit

The Creative Spirit a poem by Dr. Angi Boldly, as in a charging elephant, the creative spirit expressed with brazen words upon the page, intense colors on the canvas, flamboyant gestures on the stage, which stirred such happiness, fervent notes on the musical score, zesty ingredients in the gastronomy, astonishing contours on the sculpted door, … More The Creative Spirit


I AM NOT LOST… A poem by Dr. Angi When I gaze outward toward summer’s end, I reflect back and forth and here again. I lose myself, but I am not lost. I am transported. I am transmuted. I am deflated And then elevated. Meditation is underrated. I am color. I am form. I am … More I AM NOT LOST…


Processing a healing poem by Dr. Angi When events go differently than we expect, let us take the time to process the effect. Sit with it. Digest it. Integrate it. And with our hearts we get to deflect. The negativity we need to repel. And the strong emotions we must dispel. We have seemed to … More Processing.

Addressing F.E.A.R.

Good things come to those who believe. Better things come to those who wait, and the best things come to those who never give up and NEVER give into their fears. ~ Dr. Angi Spiders, snakes and bats, oh my! What do you fear most and why? What truly scares you the most in your life? What is … More Addressing F.E.A.R.

Creative expression and meaningful connections.

Camp Creative Thunder magically progressed and developed over the next few days in the middle of July in Taos, New Mexico as each of us channeled our inner creative spirits. Jill Badonsky guided and facilitated the mesmerizing and fascinating experience as she immersed the eleven of us into activities that permitted us to express ourselves … More Creative expression and meaningful connections.