Change the Channel


When I don’t enjoy what I am watching on television, I simply get up and change the channel. In fact, with my remote control I can easily browse! It takes little to no effort to find something else to watch. And, wow, there is SO MUCH from which to choose.

I have applied this simple and straightforward approach to my life. When I don’t like my current situation, I change the channel. For instance, today I am experiencing a bit of physical pain. I don’t like experiencing this pain; and, I can’t say poof to make the pain go away. I could complain about it; but that doesn’t alleviate the hurting. However, I can honor, acknowledge, and examine the pain to find the source of it and to see if I can remedy the situation. Perhaps I am dehydrated or hungry? Or, maybe it is stress-related?

By playing detective, I can examine the situation and see what I can change; furthermore, I can adjust my attitude and actions around those things I cannot change. Then I modify and transform those things I do have control over in my circumstances. And, SHA-ZAM! I find that life becomes much more delightful. Change the channel and you will also find satisfaction.

All rights reserved. ©2018 by A. K. Orobko

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