People are Like Mirrors…


Dr. Angi’s 10th Law of Self-Empowerment

People are like mirrors; they often reflect what you give. ~ Dr. Angi

This statement is remarkably true for me particularly when I present myself to others in a positive, encouraging, and helpful way with love, compassion, and kindness. Do you recall a time where this statement rings true for you? Think about all your experiences both positive and negative. Do you find that when you are happy, others are happy, too? How about when you are enthusiastic? Or, when you are upset or grumpy?

How about those times when you have gone into a situation where others are in a different emotional state than you, did you found yourself drawn into it? This is fine and well, if it is a positive emotional state; however if their drama is downbeat, pessimistic, or off-putting this can be delicate to navigate.

But, guess what? You still have a choice. You could choose to be influenced by negative Nancy and pessimistic Pete by copying their emotional states. Or, you can opt for the high road and be positive and enlightened. Albeit, selecting love, joy and kindness takes courage, practice, and possibly audacity because taking the high road can be challenging, demanding, and maybe even tricky or awkward, but it is not impossible. Remember, what you give is what you will probably receive; continue to be upbeat and encouraging and you will get more of the same.

All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko


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