Life is an Adventure


Dr. Angi’s 6th Law of Self-Empowerment

Life is an adventure patiently waiting for us to experience and savor it with zest! ~ Dr. Angi

Life is meant to be experienced with enthusiasm and passion, no matter what our circumstances may be. Of course life has its ups and downs like a roller coaster ride in an amusement park. That is what makes life exciting and scary. Without those ups and downs, life would become flat, stale, and boring.

More to the point, if we were handed everything we needed and wanted all the time without the challenge of earning it or seeking it out on our own, we would feel worthless, without purpose. We would become sluggish and disheartened.

Our greatest motivator is having to face something new to triumph over. We need to have challenges and obstacles to overcome. A sense of achievement, accomplishment, and success comes from life’s tests, contests, problems, hurdles, trials, complications and the like. The snags and stumbling blocks in life incite enthusiasm, passion, fervor, and zeal, which grant us the fuel we need to live our lives to the fullest.

The beauty about recognizing how challenges incite enthusiasm is that we can take small steps toward saddling up the horse for our fantastic journey we call life. Difficulty does not have to be overwhelming, it only needs to make us feel a tiny bit uneasy or uncomfortable. For example, I have friends who are daunted and stifled by the idea of drawing and creating art. However, when I helped them to shift their thinking toward enjoying the process of making marks with a paintbrush, dropping paint onto the page, easing into the flow of their innate creativity one little step at the time; they were able to transform their fear into excitement, stirring their inner child where their curiosity conquers their anxiety. Now, they are able to fully savor with gusto the creative part of their life.

Perhaps your hurdle is like mine. My challenge is my obesity. I could let this condition stifle my enthusiasm, while closely looking at all the things I cannot do or enjoy. The list is big from finding fun and flirty clothes in my size, being able to travel comfortably, to enjoy eating out at a restaurant without being judged.

Instead, I get to relish this challenge as my life adventure. This is my journey, where I get to create a support system, which includes my primary care physician, my family, my friends, a personal trainer, and various other sources. While I work with my doctor to help me find ways reduce my excess ruling out various causes, etc., I get to find fun activities that will boost my metabolism like swimming, where I had to overcome the shame and awkwardness of wearing a bathing suit in public. I had to treat it as an daring and heroic act with courage and a bit of audacity. How else am I suppose to be able to face and  use a public swimming pool or beach? I cannot hide away from society. And, why would anyone expect me to do that? As you can see, we each have our crosses to bear and living our lives like a thrilling quest makes our lives much more rewarding.

Life really is an adventure that’s waiting for us to experience and savor it with zest!!

All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko


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