Blessings in Disguise


Dr. Angi’s 5th Law of Self-Empowerment

A circumstance that may appear “grim, ghastly, or grueling” is really a blessing in disguise. ~ Dr. Angi

Honestly, no one can escape those days where everything goes to poop, but poop is great fertilizer! Use it to nurture yourself. With the right elements and factors, you will have a garden filled with colorful blooms, all of which would not have grown without that fertilizer (aka poop).

“Bad, grim, ghastly, or grueling” experiences only take on those labels in a single moment’s context, framework, or perspective. For example, my family and I were once asked if we would be willing to give up our seats on an international flight to Santiago, Chile the day before Christmas Eve. This was not something we readily wanted to do; but, it seemed that there was a situation where another family had to make this connection. So, we did give up our seats so they could make this flight, even though it was likely we would have to stay overnight in Atlanta. My family and I decided to stay positive and take things in stride. As we examined the “big picture” of our circumstances, we found that it might be a more pleasant journey not having to be on red-eye flight if we left the next morning instead. A few moments later, the airline clerk called us over to the check-in desk. It would seem that they had a few extra seats in business class on that same flight and we were unofficially upgraded. We were absolutely delighted with this outcome.

Can you think of a similar circumstance where your immediate “grueling” situation became a blessing after a bit of time?

As you expand your point of view and look into the horizon, you will soon begin to see that the “grim” circumstance is really a blessing or opportunity in disguise. It is often a necessary hurdle to get you to the next level in your life by teaching you resolve or courage. You get stronger and better with each and every challenge and struggle. A circumstance may appear “bad”, but it truly is a blessing in disguise.

All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko

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