Mid-year Reflection and Appreciation


Mid-year is nearly upon us. Day 182 of 365 is on Sunday, July 1st with 183 days left in the year. And, Monday, July 2nd is day 183 with 182 days left. Personally, I feel the week just before the midyear is a great time for me to reflect upon how much I have accomplished and re-evaluate my goals and intentions. As I look back, I will do so with a gentle and compassionate eye. I am not looking at what I did not get to do; but rather, I will look at all the things that I had a hand with or without intention.  

I will also implement my 2nd Law of Self-Empowerment, “No matter where I am, I am exactly where I need to be. I will relax, enjoy the moment, and be grateful.” I will appreciate, value and give myself credit for everything I did that may or may not have been on my to-do list. 2018 has been my year to “honor my creative spirit”. I will spend this week reflecting on that statement as I take into consideration that I am exactly where I need to be…

Dr. Angi’s 2nd Law of Self-Empowerment: You are exactly where you need to be; so, relax, enjoy the moment, and be grateful. ~ Dr. Angi

Am I though? Am I exactly where I need to be? It may not feel like it at times, especially when I am running late for a meeting or an appointment. I try not to rush. Any challenge I have faced has given me experiences that allow me to empathize or be creative, so I can meet the next success in my life. Yes, I am exactly where I need to be; and, I get to give myself credit and appreciate and value how far I have come. And, so do you!

I encourage everyone to enjoy and delight in the present moment. Savor the wonders of where and when you are right now. These times enrich us and impart to us a story that will inspire others.

Let us embrace the negative with the positive because the negative is simply preparing us for better and more wondrous moments. Let us be mindful and aware of how we are presently. Let us incite positive thoughts and count our blessings.

Let us consider all the situations and people in our lives that are wonderful and all the possessions we do have that provide us comfort and contentment. Let us be grateful. Let us fill our hearts with appreciation for all the loved ones who support us. Let us be thankful for all those things that bring us joy and ease from the clothes on our bodies to the shoes on our feet. Let us appreciate our bodies and our health. We are approaching mid-year and….

We are exactly where we need to be; so, relax, enjoy the moment, and be grateful.

All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko


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