A Kitten Tale


What happens when it rains dogs and cats? You may just end up with a kitten. That is exactly what happened to my sister last week. While we are 600 miles apart from each other, my sister and I have been experiencing very wet weather, which is typical this time of year for the southeast coast of the United States. She lives on the northeast coast of Florida and I am in the southeast coast Virginia.

During a downpour last week, my sister wanted to meet her husband at the door as he was returning from the grocery store. When she opened the front door to step out to meet him at his car to help him, she heard, “mew! mew! mew!” Concerned that her elderly cat, Joey may have gotten caught outdoors, she looked about in her front yard, but she didn’t see him. Then she heard it again, “mew! mew!” from her flower bed down in the lava rocks. That is when she discovered the kitten. The poor thing was drenched from the deluge of rain. My sister immediately became smitten with that kitten.

Being the animal whisperer that she is, my sister was compelled to seek advice from her veterinarian because the kitten was so small and she wasn’t sure if it still required nursing. Within the next 20 minutes, she had the fur-baby at the vet’s office and she learned that the kitten was a feral female and was hypothermic, malnourished, anemic, and had nerve damage in her rear left leg. It was recommended that she stay overnight. After a 48 hour stay at the vet’s office with a splint placed on her leg the kitten was released into my sister’s care. My sister named the kitten, Roxie, since she was found in the bed of lava rocks. Roxie quickly bonded with my sister and her husband, which is unusual for any feral animal to do.

Over the weekend Roxie has been getting acclimated to my sister’s home and her senior male cat, Joey. Joey was surprisingly tolerant and soon warmed up to Roxie. And, Roxie warmed up to Joey. To look at Roxie now after only a couple of days in her new home, you would not believe she was feral, anemic, or malnourished ; and, Roxie has been pouncing around with her injured leg like it doesn’t bother her at all. Was this kismet? My sister had toyed with the idea of getting another cat; but she was waiting for the right time. And, it was raining dogs and cats almost quite literally; this kitten, Roxie appears to have chosen my sister. And my sister couldn’t be happier. As, I come to a close of this kitten tale, I must say that this is a beautiful beginning for my sister and Roxie.

All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko


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