OMG! There is so much that I want…, need…, and plan to do; but, then TIME says… ain’t going to happen. I realize that I have to make mindful decisions and lower my expectations about what to do and when to do it. Yet, STRESS bullies me with his micromanaging nags; it feels like he is breathing down my neck. Oh, the pressure! Yikes! Can you relate?

Stress is not really a bad thing. Stress is, in fact, necessary for many miracles. But… too much of anything can become, well,… overwhelming and negative.

When living life gives me “too much” stress, I have put into practice these action steps. And, these action steps/tips have served me well. I could not have accomplished my greatest goals without them.

  1. Take one task at a time…use micro-movements or take baby steps; you could rank your tasks in order of importance. I know this tip is a no-brainer, but I have to remind myself of this #1 tip ALL THE TIME!!!
  2. Be realistic when it comes to sharing your time…don’t be afraid to say “no.” You can NOT please all the people all of the time. But, you can please yourself. I know when I am happy, I get more done.
  3. Shed and discard the perfectionist image: No one is perfect. I am content to be perfectly imperfect. I wear that label with pride.
  4. Get creative and have some fun. Spend time each week doing something you enjoy. The more creative the better. I find that when I stretch the creative part of my mind, I have more clarity and become more productive. It is like having a built in accelerator that allows me to zoom through the necessaries with ease.
  5. Reflect and/or meditate. Spend 5 to 15 minutes daily thinking about the positive things in your life. Breathe deeply in the process. Practice gratitude for what you have.When I do not spend time reflecting and meditating, I feel it. Worries I did not realize I had fill every nook and cranny of my mind.
  6. Do not allow your inner critic to block your efficiency. Honor it as an outdated modem to protect you from being hurt. Give your inner critic a name, if you like, and have fun with it. I allow my inner critic, Esmetella-like-it-isn’t, a couple moments to voice her opinion. She looks like Endora (Agnes Moorehead) from Bewitched and she can be quite vocal. I give Esmetella gratitude and a bunch of “what if” questions like: What if I can? What if I am actually better than you think? What if I am capable of more? What if I succeed beyond my dreams? etc. This really works for me.
  7. Lead a healthy lifestyle…get enough sleep, be active, eat healthy. Taking exquisite care of yourself provides the solid ground and stamina you need to take on any unexpected stress. I believe the fountain of youth stems from getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and eating balanced meals. Stress does not show up on my face because I follow tip #7 faithfully and consistently.
  8. Share, share, share. Sharing the burden and talking about your stress will help you cope better, even if you are dialoguing with yourself. I have discovered that whether I am venting to my family, friends or even the mirror, any overwhelming stress becomes less daunting. I become empowered to take it on with renewed energy, vim, and vigor.
  9. Learn the art of compromise and look at situations with a new perspective. You’ll feel better, even if it goes against your traditional way of thinking. The most daunting of deeds become manageable when I compromise how I am going to tackle it, especially when I come at it from a different angle. This can be a challenge, but the results are usually the most satisfying.
  10. Awareness is key! Realize that you get to choose your reaction. The choice is yours. How you respond to stress is totally up to you…you can let it bother you or just relax with it…find humor in it whenever possible. Personally, I try to use humor whenever I can. If you cannot laugh at the situation, then the situation will laugh at you. Stress will not best me. Believe it or not, I chuckled just after having a near fatal tire blowout going over 80 miles per hour on the interstate highway between Colorado Springs and Denver as the dark of night quickly fell upon me. And, as a result, I was able to quickly and calmly assess the situation and navigate to the emergency lane. After a flood of gratitude for surviving it, then I was able to move to the next step easier.

I am at my best with managed stress. And, now, with these tips you can, too.

All rights reserved. ©2018 by A. K. Orobko


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