Dreams Chose Us, Trust Them


What comes to mind with this statement: Always trust your dreams.

I have found that dreams chose us, as much as we have chosen them. As I look back upon my life I can see how accurate this statement truly is. I believe that every significant up and down in my life played a role in shaping and developing my dream. Today, I aspire to empower people, to be a source of inspiration, to be an advocate of love, kindness, and creativity, and to be the voice of those who have been bullied and excluded. I can see that my dream chose me.

Because, in order to be a champion of the tenderhearted, I had to experience various unpleasant events in my life so I can empathize. I know what it is like to be bullied, emotionally wounded, and be in a place of vulnerability. I can relate to others who have been wounded. I learned how to be creative and how to empower myself through each of my challenges, awkward experiences, life-altering events, and hardships.

Take a look at your life and reflect. What are the repeated events that bring forth the strongest emotions? Do you feel deeply connected to these times in your life? Do they stir a sense of purpose in your life?

Do any of your strongest memories feel like they are pointing you in a direction of your dream or your calling in life? Do you see how certain events have made you more courageous in certain circumstances and/or more compassionate for a specific population of people? What are those things for which you feel most strongly? How do these relate back to your childhood or more recent past? Do you see a connection between your dreams and your life experiences? Do you get a sense of joy when you think about your dreams?

There is a reason for everything. That heart flutter you feel when you think about what you can do is your inner greatness nudging you to go ahead. Ride that excitement as you put forth the effort to attain your goals. Your dreams are expressions of who you are. Discover and nurture your dreams; and, then trust your dreams and they will ultimately serve to bring you joy. Be true to yourself; and, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Your dreams chose YOU!

All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko


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