Creativity Transpires from Inspiration



Inspiration is an internal movement or feeling that propels people to act, behave, or perform. It is a positive emotional state that stimulate us into motion because our hearts are tickled with delight. Inspiration is what fuels our spirit to achieve our goals and attain our dream. Creativity transpires from inspiration as our very being is compelled to proceed and embark upon a project or journey. The root word of inspiration comes from a term meaning divine guidance; and, this inner guidance may indeed emanate from God. Inspiration may also originate from nature, meditating, people, events, music, film, art, education, and so on. Inspiration can come from anything, especially if it something brand new to us.

What are some ways we can we move into our inspiration?

Nature is one of the best sources of inspiration as everything in nature is balanced so beautifully. The cycle of life and the movement of energy in nature is wonderfully orchestrated, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Energy flows from the nutrients of the soil into the roots of plants and into the systems of animals. As animals pass waste (through their systems) or die, their wastes are broken down by bacteria back to the nutrients that are then returned to the soil. Standing in the midst of such bustling activity is truly inspirational.

As we approach the vernal equinox we can see evidences of the springtime awakenings as apical meristems sprout forward on every tree and shrub. The songbirds are returning and they are starting to nest. The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and thus the inspiration flows.

Meditating or calmly sitting in peace can bring inspiration. After we are able to quiet our mind, real inspiration from our soul awakens and emerges. For many, sitting in silence and allowing the mind to quiet down is difficult. Gentle, instrumental music playing faintly in the background can be beneficial, as we sit in a comfortable position and breathe deeply…inhaling and exhaling consciously and steadily.

When there is too much chatter in your mind, an effective activity to do before you attempt to meditate is to transcribe all the thoughts that are floating around in your mind onto a notepad or into a journal. You can also doodle, scribble or simply make marks until you feel your mind placated and soothed. Then, try meditating again. Repeating a word, a phrase, or a sound in your mind or aloud softly is another useful way to calm your mind. There are many ways to ease into a peaceful state; simply find what works best for you, so you can meditate and become inspired.

Inspiration may come from conversations with sundry or unique people. Talking with an array of people, from like-minded individuals to polar opposites, will give us an assortment of perspectives and insights. We don’t need to agree on an issue or topic when we respectfully dialogue with others. This broad spectrum of viewpoints will furnish us with wisdom, which leads to new ideas. Brainstorming with others, especially when there is a goal in mind, is an excellent source of inspiration that may persuade us to act.

Inspiration may come from novel genres of music, art, film and events. There are multiple sources of inspiration as long as we are open to receive them. Let us consider trying something new and different such as: a new beverage or food, a new activity or venue, or a new shop or café. Let us strike up a conversation with someone new.

What is something you have wanted to try or do? What is stopping you to just try it? It may inspire you. Some good questions to ask yourself are: What would I do if I had all the courage in the world? Who would I like to emulate and why? What would they do? What do I feel most passionate about? What brings a burning desire in my heart? What fires me up? What or who is my source of inspiration? Feel your way and flow into your inspiration.

All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko


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