50 Ways to Incite and Encourage Creativity


How many ways can we stay on top of our creativity game? It is countless. There are oodles and oodles of methods and approaches. Here is my quick list of ways that kick-off and initiate my creative energy:

  1. I doodle and scribble.
  2. I slow down, breathe, and/or meditate.
  3. I step back and observe.
  4. I look at things from a different angle.
  5. I make a list.
  6. I brainstorm; write down anything; no editing; no judgment.
  7. I change up the routine.
  8. I go someplace new.
  9. I carry on, persevere, persist, and never, never desist.
  10. I take a short break.
  11. I take a nap.
  12. I make an oopsie (mistake) on purpose.
  13. I deliberately make it ugly.
  14. I experiment or try a new technique.
  15. I listen to music; double bonus if it is new.
  16. I take a YouTube break; TED Talks inspire me.
  17. I search a topic of interest on the internet.
  18. I visit the library.
  19. I practice.
  20. I go to a workshop or take a class.
  21. I sip on hot tea/hot cocoa (iced tea/lemonade in the summer).
  22. I close my eyes and visualize.
  23. I read a random page from a random book.
  24. I treat myself gently, with compassion.
  25. I surround myself with creative people.
  26. I explore Pinterest for ideas
  27. I go to “an event” – festival, art gallery opening, etc.
  28. I take a risk and become a rule-breaker.
  29. I don’t force the creativity.
  30. I reorganize my creative space.
  31. I dance for a few minutes.
  32. I play with my fur-baby, Sasha (a Goldie Mix dog).
  33. I take a walk outdoors in nature.
  34. I count my blessings.
  35. I collaborate; double bonus when I get input from children/teenagers.
  36. I use scented candles and oils; aromatherapy rocks my world.
  37. I use oracle cards as a source of inspiration.
  38. I read a verse from the bible.
  39. I take a meal break.
  40. I go for a swim.
  41. I record my dreams.
  42. I imagine myself as one of my creative heroes.
  43. I get feedback.
  44. I go play the piano.
  45. I reflect back on my older works.
  46. I pull out a new pen, new notebook, new paints, etc.; and I use them.
  47. I limit my time or materials.
  48. I use my non-dominant hand or close my eyes.
  49. I finish something, anything… a 6-word memoir, haiku, doodle, sketch, etc.
  50. I have fun, laugh, and inject humor whenever I can.

Some of these methods may not work for you and that is okay. Each of us are unique and will be inspired in a variety of ways. I hope this list of tactics that spur my creativity inspire some ideas for you. What methods stimulate your creativity that did not make my list? I would really like to know and I hope you will share them in the comments.

All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko


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