12 Statements That Deliver Bliss and Empowerment


In my 50 years of life I have found the following 12 statements to be a source of empowerment. While there are many wonderful statements and affirmations out there, I continued to find myself coming back to these over and over again. And, they always brought me to a place of bliss and empowerment when I followed through on them.

  1. Explore your creativity. As an experienced teacher, mentor, and coach I have found that one of the most empowering things any one can do is explore his or her creativity, which is a person’s ability to create. As children, exploring creativity was natural. We made mud pies and sand castles. We built structures with wooden blocks, Tinker Toys, and Lego’s. We drew things with our crayons and sidewalk chalks. We made up songs and dances. We did NOT judge. We just EXPLORED and had fun.
  1. Connect often with friends. As people, we are naturally social creatures. Even introverts need to connect with their friends every now and then. When we are around friends we know we are safe to be our truest selves without being judged.
  1. Learn and discover new things. This keeps us young and fresh. As children we discovered and learned new things all the time. Our brains were like sponges as kids. Sponges need to be kept moist in order to be most effective. We can keep our minds “moist” as adults by making it a point to learn and discover something new every day. And, with the internet, this is very easy to do.
  1. Laugh whenever you can. The benefits of laughter include a boost in immunity, blood flow, and overall positive well-being. In fact, we are getting a bit of workout when we laugh as it burns more calories than when we are not laughing. Furthermore, laughing is FUN!
  1. Use positive words. When we routinely use positive words with ourselves and others, a shift happens within us. We start believing in ourselves, our abilities, experiences, and knowledge. This lifts our spirits and our level of confidence. We are also lifting the spirits and confidence levels of others.
  1. Live authentically. What better way to empower ourselves than to be real and faithful to our convictions. When we are open and honest in our words and actions with others we remove all doubt about who we are and what we value.
  1. Perfection is overrated. Releasing the notion that we need to be perfect is absolutely liberating! We judge ourselves way too much. More often than not, “good enough” is usually enough (and sometimes even better) than trying to be perfect. And, trying to be perfect is NOT being authentic, is it? (See #6)
  1. You’re exactly where you need to be. This statement eliminates the pressure we put on ourselves. We can relax. In turn we can get more done and/or get to where we are going calmly and without “incident”. Ultimately, we become more blissful as we take back our power from any unrealistic expectations.
  1. Take baby steps. Progress is progress no matter what size steps we are taking. Slow and steady wins the race; furthermore, it reduces burnout.
  1. Be gentle with yourself. We can be gentle with others; so, why do we forget to be gentle with ourselves. Simple, but not easy, especially when most of us have been raised in a competitive, capitalistic culture. My friend and mentor, Melissa Dinwiddie asserts and maintains that “self-awareness + self-compassion = key to everything good”. There is so much wisdom in those words.
  1. Live in the moment. We only have this moment. To regret the past or worry about the future only causes us to neglect and lose the present moment. When we are available, mindful and aware of the moment in which were are with all our senses, we bring value to it and we enrich our lives. Mindfulness anchors our time to experiences instead of allowing the times and experiences to pass with little notice.
  1. You’re worth more than you will ever see. Last, but not least, let us value ourselves. We are important. We are special. We are necessary. We are all connected. We are part of the universal tapestry; and, it needs each and every thread.

These 12 statements carry much wisdom that is sure to empower you and lift your spirits. When I recall these words, I immediately feel better, especially the last one. Each of us ARE worth more than we may ever see. Let us own our value. Let us empower ourselves. Let us be embrace the joy of these powerful words.

All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko

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