“… instead of running from it.”


“… instead of running from it.”

a poem by Dr. Angi (Angela K. Orobko)

The thrill of that moment when you take a risk is compelling.
The enchantment of any forbidden fruit is overwhelming.
I’m under a magical charm even though I know I should run like HELL!
To get away from every possible danger of that delightful spell.
Yet in my gut…
Yea I’m a nut,
I know I must take action,
in order to have complete satisfaction.
My life story continues like a flowing stream.
I must follow through on my incredible, creative dream.
To live is… to face the discomfort and fear.
With every step forward, I will be near
To achievements like no other before;
And, once I am there I yearn for more
As I allow opportunity to knock at my door.
Regret? I have none.
Because when it is all said and done,
I can state that I was true to my heart and my spirit.
I walked toward something instead of running from it.
All rights reserved.  ©2018 by A. K. Orobko

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