Be SELF-centered: Take care of yourself…


Self-care must be a priority.

But, when you are being pulled in every direction because you want to be there for family and friends, your job, your business, your community, etc., something has to give. Typically for many of us (I really mean me) that signifies putting our own needs last.

I have noticed that in the past two weeks I have been putting my own basic needs last. Why? Because I believed that there were so many other things I needed to do first. I also learned that when I do NOT make myself a first priority, my body declares war on me in a form of sickness like the flu. I have been having to take it really easy these past couple of days because I did get sick.

So, I am slowly recuperating and observing what I can and cannot do depending on my level of energy; and, more importantly, I am getting the rest that I need, paying close attention to my hunger and my thirst, and meeting the most basic of my needs first. I get to reprioritize my “to-do” list as my body resets itself. I get to remind myself to “slow down” and breathe. By heeding these words as we approach the holidays, I know I will be able to ENJOY the holidays even more. I hope all of you will do the same before YOUR body make YOU slow down, too. Have a great week!

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko

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