Procrastination is Part of the Process


I started a large 30 x 40 inch acrylic painting with my husband five years ago to introduce him to my world of creativity. And, we went through our honeymoon period of excitement with it for a few weeks, but we never finished it. Occasionally I would look at it; and, I would add more paint here and there developing it on and off. However, for the most part, it just sat in the corner of my art studio collecting dust.


That did not imply that I was not thinking about it. I actually dreamt about it a few times. Procrastination, I am discovering is part of my creative process. I have found it to be quite normal to set a project aside for a period of time. I have discovered that this “cooling off” time away from a project allows me incubate it, developing my project in the deep creative centers of my mind, as I did other works and projects.

When I look back to other major endeavors in my life, I have noticed that this is how I operate. And, I have observed, I get exceptional results, whether it be in art, a curriculum, various pieces of writing, or even my doctoral dissertation. Albeit, I don’t always put things off for five years; but, I will set various project aside for a bit (from minutes to days) because when I do come back to it, I am fresh. My passion is reignited and I am inspired to see my project through.

With this painting my husband and I started 5 years ago, I have been working on it now and then (by myself); and, during one of my sister’s visits earlier this year, she expressed an interest in it as she liked the colors but she was not too keen on the faces in it. I let her know that I would be happy to paint those out and replace them with anything she liked. She got so excited that her enthusiasm cast a spell over me. She told me she would let me know after her trip to Costa Rica.

As it turned out she took loads and loads of photos of the amazing sights and she came face to face with the most amazing animals. She fell head over heels over a baby sloth and got some amazing footage of it that she shared with me just before Thanksgiving. She let me know she would love to have that baby sloth in the painting and she suggested that I cover the rest of the space with more animals of my choice. And, I did just that. By taking my time with the painting and “procrastinating”, I allowed my creative process to come to fruition and I was able to complete it within a span of a few days. She just received the painting just before the weekend and she already hung it up in a prominent place in her home.

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Indeed, procrastination is part of my creative process. Any project requiring the imagination and creativity will unfold on its own time. It should not be rushed. I will simply allow the creative process to play out as it needs in order to have the best possible outcome. Perhaps this is true for you as well. Enjoy the process.

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko

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