Ways to Liberate Inspiration


Ah, the ever elusive inspiration, how can we feel our way back to and move into our inspiration? Actually, we CAN do this effortlessly. Let us explore…

Inspiration is an internal movement or feeling that drives people to do something of significance. It is, in fact, a positive emotional state that gets people going because their hearts are in a blissful state. Inspiration is what encourages a person to act on whatever their dream or goal may be. But, where does inspiration come from?

Inspiration can come from God, nature, meditating, people, events, music, movies, art, education… inspiration can come from anything especially from something novel, fresh and new.

A new experience is an excellent source for inspiration. A new experience can be so many things like: Trying a new food. Using your non-dominant hand. Taking a different route. Switching up your routine. Listening to a different style of music. Reading a different genre or new author. Going to an art exhibit. Taking a class. Visiting a museum. Going or participating in a ball game. Going to a festival. Volunteering at a local shelter, school, hospital, or library. Participating in a rally for an honorable cause. This list is endless. Consider all the things you have never tried.

Nature is fabulous source for inspiration. Everything in nature is balanced so beautifully. The cycle of life and the movement of energy in nature is wonderfully orchestrated, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Energy flows from the nutrients of the soil into the roots of plants and into the systems of animals. As animals pass waste (through their systems) or die, their wastes are broken down by bacteria back to the nutrients that are then returned to the soil. Standing in the midst of such bustling activity is truly inspirational. Here, in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. The leaves of the deciduous trees are transitioning from luscious greens to golden yellows, burnt oranges, and rustic reds. And, the squirrels are gathering their stores. Sitting and walking out in nature can fill our hearts with wonder and awe, when we are open to receive it.

Going inward, sitting quietly, and breathing mindfully (or any form of meditating) can result in inspiration. By concentrating on our breathing and paying attention to our heartbeat, we can placate our worries. As a result, pure inspiration arises from our own inner voice and wisdom. For many, sitting in silence and allowing the mind to quiet down is quite a challenge. Soft, instrumental meditative music can be helpful, as one sits in a comfortable position and breathes deeply. Headphones can be helpful if there is too much external chatter and clatter in the immediate environment.

If there is too much internal racket with all the “things” we need to do, a great activity to do first is to write all the thoughts that are floating around in our mind. Another effective mind-calming strategy is creating scribbles, doodles and sketches as peace, serenity, and bliss flow over our internal landscape. Then, we can try deep breathing/ meditating again. Another good way to “meditate” is to repeat one word or a sound softly aloud or in our mind, like “breathe”, “love”, “bliss”, “peace”, “om”, or “aum”. There is not one definite, exact way to meditate. Whatever feels comfortable and easy is the best way for us to get into a quiet space. Also, sitting outside in nature, under the sun or the moon and the stars helps many people to get to a quiet place in their mind so they can meditate and become inspired.

Conversations with others can equally be stimulating and inspirational. These conversations can be with people who are like-minded with us or completely polar opposite to us, where there may be some debate. In fact, we can gain a whole new point of view when there is discord on an issue or topic, if we are open-minded. Brainstorming with others, especially where there is an intention or goal in mind, can be an exceptional source of inspiration.

Another way toward inspiration is to consider all the things we like and dislike. Why do we like some things and not others? It is all about paying attention to our preferences. Awareness to our likes and dislikes stimulate our creativity. Let us generate a list. Let us notice what moved us, what attracted us, what disgusted or angered us. What do we find annoying or pleasing, and why? Are there any trends or patterns? As we analyze our list of preferences and irritations by providing our reasons for our partiality, new pathways form in our brains; and, like a bolt of lightning an idea strikes.

Without a doubt, inspiration can come from all forms or genres of music, art, movies and events. There are multiple sources of inspiration as long as we are open to them, like trying something different and new such as: a new beverage or food, a new activity or a new event, shop, or café. We can even try striking up a conversation with someone new.

What is something you have wanted to try or do? Is anything physically stopping you to just try it? Find out if that inspires you. Some good questions to ask yourself are: What could I do if I had all the courage in the world? What do I feel most passionate about? What brings a burning desire in my heart? What fires me up? What is my source of inspiration? Find YOUR way to liberate your inspiration.

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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