An expression of courage…

ako_10_OCT02_An expressoin of courage

I am upset and disturbed by the deteriorating condition of our governmental affairs in the United States of America (and in much of the globe). Too easy has it become for us to blame others for the shortcomings of our current situation. I want to add my voice in a form of a poem to courageously express how I feel as a catalyst toward solutions.

I know that WE as a people, no matter which side of the political fence, can UNITE together to see our common ground and our accomplishments as the first step to resolve any differences. We are a strong nation built on high ideals, perseverance, determination, community, and a commitment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We can continue to keep the United States of America in a position of strength and  power through our willingness to communicate and unite as sisters and brothers to do what is acceptable and true, locally and globally, with respect, kindness, responsibility, and accountability, one step at a time.

An expression of courage…
A poem by: Dr. Angi

POSITIVE actions are needed.
Overdone are the reasons.
There are no more seasons
for all the excuses.
Put that energy in better uses.
The time is NOW to create
Solutions; we cannot hesitate.
Leadership fail!
But, WE can prevail.
WE get to help our sisters and brothers;
This is the time we must rely on each other.
Greed and pride
Must step aside.
Let us reach out.
Stop with the pout.
Time to shout.
“Everyone’s responsible!
We’re ALL accountable!”
NOW, we get to apologize,
organize, and devise.
Better ways.
For better days.
One step at a time.
For a world sublime.

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko

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