Gratitude Attitude


Gratitude attitude.

What is that? To me it is that emotional state of bliss when I recognize how blessed I am to be alive, to be well, to live well, to have so many wonderful people in my life, to be surrounded by so much… love, nature, joy, conveniences, etc.

I smile in this very moment as I am able to share my thoughts with the world through this amazing platform digitally on Word Press. I am grateful for the technology, the engineering behind it, the electricity, the energy to generate the electricity, natural resources, and of course to each and every person who reads these words. I am so blessed. I am blessed with the ability to create, read, write, draw, and paint. I am blessed with typing skills and fingers that move with little thought over this keyboard.

I am blessed with wellness. I have a significant birthday coming up this week. It will be my 50th trip around the sun as of Tuesday. I deeply appreciate all the friends and family that joined me on Saturday, September 16, to share their time and celebrate with me. We swam, drank, ate, and created together. I was showered with so much love, to which I reciprocated.

I believe when we become aware of all the blessings in our lives, especially those special moments when we truly receive all the love and positive energy we are given, we attain the gratitude attitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am aware and awake to you and your support. Thank you so much.

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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