A poem by Dr. Angi

When I gaze outward
toward summer’s end,
I reflect back and
forth and here again.

I lose myself, but
I am not lost.

I am transported.
I am transmuted.

I am deflated
And then elevated.
is underrated.

I am color. I am form.
I am an inspirational storm.

I am fragrance. I am Divine.
I am exquisite wine.

I am beyond time and space.
I am beamed out of the rat race.

I am resplendent. I am glorious.
I am magnificent. I am victorious.

I am dazzling. I am splendid.
I am uplifted. I am exalted.

I have wings. I am liberated.
I am free. I am animated.

I am flying. I am soaring.
I am an eagle. I am exploring.

I am both big and small.
I am everything and nothing at all.

I am eternal and nevermore.
I enter and exit from the same door.

But, I am not lost.
I am simply in my own world.

All rights reserved. ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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