Dr. Angi’s 9th Law of Empowerment


Infinite wisdom can be found in Mother Nature! ~ Dr. Angi

At times, Mother Nature may appear angry and vengeful with all her tumultuous weather patterns in the summer; but, after every violent storm, there is a glorious calm and cleanliness. Seeds are dispersed in the winds, the vegetation is watered and nourished, and animals bathe and play in the puddles. Temperatures drop to a more comfortable level for everyone. Life goes on. This is just a teeny part of the wisdom Mother Nature bestows upon us.

By intimately, attentively, and consistently observing Mother Nature and all her creatures, we can learn her wisdom. For example, the humble message of snails and turtles is to take your time. Rabbits and deer convey in their own way for us to stay still and be watchful when predators are lurking, as well as, to remember to eat your greens. Consider going outdoors, walk around, and allowing yourself to be open and aware to the wisdom of our natural world. Be mindful as you gently stroll in the midst of the outdoors. Vigilantly observe your immediate environment. What do you “see”? What unassuming messages are you receiving? Infinite wisdom can be found in Mother Nature!

(Also, if you are visiting or live in the path of the total solar eclipse Monday, August 21, carefully enjoy it by wearing eye protection; and, be fully present to it and its subtle message.)

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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