Dr. Angi’s 8th Law of Empowerment


Success breeds success. ~ Dr. Angi

You have achieved that goal. You have crossed that finish line first! You are emitting a glow of joy and delight, which attracts people and opportunities. The momentum of success will carry you from one project or goal to the next as long as you embrace the positive feelings and do not give into fear and worry.  The idea is to ride that wave of success; and, know that more are coming.

Indeed, it feels great to succeed. This positive feeling is what propels us into the next level. However, this is similar to progressing from one level to the next in a video game. We are inspired with each accomplishment as we go from one challenging stage to the next. We also gain experience as we learn from our mistakes. We may slip up and falter; but, as long as we keep going and pick up from where we left off, we will continue to be successful. Just remember, our next win is just around the corner; and, that success breeds success!

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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