Dr. Angi’s 1st Law of Empowerment


“When you decide that everything is going to turn out for the BEST, it WILL!”
~ Dr. Angi (aka Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko)

The outcomes we receive are directly linked to the decisions we make and how we choose act or react in any given circumstance and challenge in our lives. When we decide absolutely with complete resolve (no matter what) that our situation is going to be for the best and we are taking the best course of action, then, of course, it will. We get to let go of all other possible outcomes, good or bad. No regret!

You may not always win or succeed; however, you can choose to believe that it was for the best. Right? And, what you decide to do next will demonstrate your character. Will you persevere? Will you rise up from the adversity? Will you allow the “setback” to dare you to try harder and/or change tactics? Disappointment and remorse can be flipped into opportunities to learn and grow.

Owning our choices and taking responsibility for it can be quite liberating and empowering. When we earn and merit our rewards (or consequences), we experience assurance and confidence. Our choices embolden us, when we are resolute in our decision.

I have found even the smallest decisions, like choosing to take an alternative route because of  traffic, can give you a boost. What is great about this law of empowerment, is that you get to decide ahead of time that you are going to experience the best possible outcome even if turns out you did not get what you may have “expected”. Our “expectations” may not always be the best outcome in the long run. For example, my decision to take an alternative route to avoid traffic may not have gotten me to my destination quicker, but I avoided an accident and that was the best possible outcome.

When you decide that everything is going to turn out for the best, it will!

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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