Day 163 of 365. Got a plan?


The weather is changing. The days are getting longer. It is nearly summer; furthermore, half a year is nearly over. We are on day 163 of 365. Now is a terrific time to look back and acknowledge what we have accomplished and assess what else we get to do.

In the last week of December (2016), I took time to select a word-of-the-year. I have made this an end-of-the-year ritual for close to 10 years. This carefully selected word would serve as a theme for my intentions, goals and actions. Every significant deed or accomplishment I have completed this year has been influenced by my word-of-the-year.  This year I selected the word, pizzazz, which is an attractive combination of vitality and glamour. Oh sure! I flirted and considered other words like: moxie, panache, spunk, and pluck. Each of these were close , but I felt PIZZAZZ conveyed not only courage and vigor, but also GLAM. That is exactly how I want to live… courageously, vigorously, and glamorously.

Whether or not you have a word-of-the-year, goals, or intentions, this is an ideal time to look back and see what you have done and consider what else you would like to do. When I do this, I am gentle with myself. I do not criticize myself on what I have not done. Instead, I look to the future on those, as actions that I still get to do. It is never too late (unless we give up). I refuse to give up. I may not have accomplished everything I set out to do by this time. But, I am further along than I would be if I had done nothing at all. Slow and steady wins the race, the ultimate race of life.

Here is a gentle way to give yourself credit for what you have done: list all those things no matter how insignificant you have done since January like putting away the holiday decorations, paying your monthly bills, filing your tax returns, getting in activity, getting enough sleep, taking care of your family and friends, etc.  Consider these questions: What have you done this year that you have enjoyed? How have you helped others (physically/emotionally)? How have you supported yourself and your family and friends (physically and emotionally)? How many times have you laughed? How many times did you smile? How often have you valued another person on the street? How often did you get to give someone else the right-away on the road? What acts of kindness were you involved either as the giver or recipient? How many times did you get to give out a hug (virtually or face-to-face)? What little things have you done or were done for you that made a BIG difference? How many times to you pay-it-forward? How many compliments have you given out? How many times were you able to hold your tongue when you were angry? How often did you leave a space nicer than how you found it? How often did you leave a penny?  This list of questions can go on and on.

Now, you can see all the things that you HAVE DONE! Bravo! You can see that it is important to reflect on EVERY aspect, every little accomplishment, every positive moment and action, because it leads to more positive actions, which leads to greater accomplishments, overall wellness and happiness. Without a doubt, you feel better when you do something positive, especially for others. What else would you like to do? Make a list, but keep it simple. What is one small thing you can do at this moment for someone else? Smile at a stranger. Leave a penny. Get an extra item at whatever establishment you patronize and give it to a co-worker or a stranger (like an extra beverage, side, salad, or sandwich). Write to the editor of your local newspaper about something you feel strongly. Attend a council meeting. Join a local civic group. Get to know your neighbors. Start that book you have been meaning to write. Keep a journal. Write a poem. Create some art. Do a craft. Adopt a pet. Adopt a spot (an area where you pick up litter a few times a year). Share your spare change. Plant a tree. Patronize a locally owned business. Start a blog. We have 202 more days to make a BIG difference… for others and for ourselves. Each of us matter. We CAN make a difference. Are you ready?

All rights reserved.  ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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