You have the power to change your experience. (2017)


Every experience, occasion, and object is neutral. We get to designate the experience as good or bad, positive or negative. It is our choice.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer professed, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” When we designate the object or situation as positive, we begin to feel better about it and even appreciate it. Gratefulness brings about more positive energy into our experiences, which ultimately brings more joy and happiness into our lives.

My favorite contemporary truth-seeker and manifestor, Andy Dooley proclaims and affirms, “Your Situation Can’t get Any better, until U FEEL better about YOUR situation!” He suggests we ask ourselves the following question: “What could I notice or appreciate about my current situation that would ALLOW me to feel better?” Of course, depending on our situation, the answers will vary.

Let us look at a common situation that most of us designate as negative: TRAFFIC. In my part of the world (and I am sure in yours, too), traffic is an on-going issue, especially with the latest expansion/construction project on the interstate highway between Newport News and Williamsburg, Virginia. Traffic is really a neutral situation that often triggers frustration and sometimes road rage, especially if you are running late. Traffic does NOT have to trigger negative emotions.

How can we modify our mindset around traffic? Let us apply Andy Dooley’s question: “What could I notice or appreciate about my current situation that would ALLOW me to feel better?”

Traffic can be an opportunity…to meditate, to take in the scenery, to enjoy the radio, to listen to your favorite speaker on CD or digital download. Do you see the shift when we choose to see our situation differently? Traffic affords you a bit of time to yourself you may not have had otherwise. I like to remind myself during times like this that I am exactly where I need to be, especially when I am trying to be somewhere at a specific time and I am running late. The worry (which is energy ill-spent) about getting to my designation late then disappears.

When we find aspects of our situation that we can appreciate, we start to feel bliss and delight. By approaching our circumstances with a positive mindset, we are able to see and bring more joy into our lives. We can, in fact, decide to be happy no matter what the day may bring.

That’s right! Happiness is a CHOICE! CHEERFULNESS is a choice!! BLISS is a CHOICE!! Joyfulness IS a choice!!! Cantankerousness is also a choice. (What a cool word for being grumpy… saying cantankerous makes me giggle) Crankiness, irritability, moodiness are all choices. But, let us keep it optimistic and CHOOSE to be happy.

How? you ask. By applying Wayne Dyer’s and Andy Dooley’s wisdom. LOOK at your current situation and ask. How do you FEEL about it? Furthermore, WHY do you feel that way? Can you see OTHER ways of looking at your situation?

Make it a practice to discover and recognize the OPPORTUNITIES for joy and appreciation in your situation and circumstances. I promise the moment you put these strategies into practice, your entire outlook, attitude, and experience will positively change and you will feel lighter, happier.

All rights reserved. ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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