On having a daily creative practice.


What is a daily creative practiceFor me a daily creative practice is an activity in which I take time to sit with a pen and paper in a peaceful location usually in or around my home to engage in some form of expression. The form of expression will be words, images, or both. It can be a poem, prose, fragments of sentences, thoughts, ideas, a list, doodles, sketches, shapes, symbols, or any combinations of the aforementioned items. Most often my daily creative practice is what I like to call a “brain dump”. I will pour into my art journal or notebook anything on my mind in the way of words and pictures. It could be remnants of a dream or simply prospects for the day or week.

Sometimes, I use more than my pen. Paint, crayon, markers, color pencils, and other materials may have a role in my daily creative process as I enjoy playing in my art journal. Color is important to me. The more vivid the better. However, the contrast of black marker on a stark white page is equally compelling; and, I will approach my creative practice using minimalism as my mood dictates.

I usually have music playing in the background. It is typically instrumental and may have natural sounds incorporated into it, like rainfall, birds, crickets, the wind, or ocean waves crashing onto the shore. Music helps me stay connected to my breathing. I try to be mindful as I breathe in and out.

Also, the rhythm of the music not only directs my breathing, but it also employs my imagination. I will close my eyes and take in the music for a few beats during my creative practice. Then, after a melody or two, I will wrap up my creative practice and move onto my projects for the day.

As with physical exercise, if I don’t warm-up with a daily creative exercise, I can feel it. The flow of my work becomes irregular. I must create for at least two-to-five minutes, whether it is a doodle, a poem, a concept map or a list. Otherwise, I find myself lacking focus and becoming easily distracted.

Have you considered or have a daily creative practice? I encourage you to try if you don’t. And, I would love to learn more about your daily creative practice if you do have one.

All rights reserved. ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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