Self-care tips I most need.


I don’t know about you, but this year has been quite draining for me; and, with this awareness I realize I need to take the time to take better care of myself. Self-care has to be a priority. I intend to take deliberate and mindful action to meet my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional requirements.

I bet you have also found that current events and the strong emotional responses to these events are putting greater demands on your energy, time, and emotions. This is exactly why self-care is important. It is the routine maintenance we must carry out in order to function at our best.

Here are some things I must do daily in order to function optimally:

  1. Stay hydrated, preferably with water.
  2. Take time to quiet my mind and breathe deeply (to meditate).
  3. Eat mindfully, cleanly, and regularly to maintain my energy levels.
  4. Get enough rest and sleep.
  5. Do something creative for at least 5 minutes, most often I get in at least 15 minutes.
  6. Listen to background instrumental music when I work.
  7. Step outdoors for at least 5 minutes and mindfully take in nature.
  8. Keep a journal of bliss and blessings (a gratitude journal).

Here are more activities that help me stay balanced:

  1. Enjoy a novel before bedtime… something light to read to unwind.
  2. Swim, whenever I can.
  3. Get pampered at the beauty salon once every 6 weeks (give or take).
  4. Use a planner or a calendar to intentionally schedule “me time.”
  5. In the morning, read or listen to something that inspires and motivates me.
  6. Organize and declutter.
  7. Share my time and talents with others.
  8. Acknowledge people when I got out with a smile and a greeting.
  9. Encourage others.
  10. Dress colorful or silly.
  11. Call a friend or family member for no reason but to say hello and connect for a bit.
  12. Dance.
  13. Learn or do something new.
  14. Create art to leave out in my community for anyone to find and keep as a free gift of art.
  15. Take a moment to acknowledge what I have done and give myself a bit of credit.
  16. Dress up and wear make-up.
  17. Go on a date with my husband (to the movies, museum, nature hike, etc.).

Here are some things I am going to add to my list:

  1. Send a completely random care package to someone I love.
  2. Intentionally reestablish contact with someone that had faded into my past.
  3. Look into doing yoga and/or tai chi.
  4. Look into doing line-dancing.
  5. Find a place to do karaoke.
  6. Disconnect from social media for a period of time.
  7. Remember to carry out random acts of kindness daily.
  8. Start a genuine conversation with someone I care about that includes the following: things that are going well, things that are not, and things for which I feel grateful.
  9. Freshen up my living space…change the lighting, rearrange things, etc.
  10. Check in with myself a few times each day; take a moment to process my thoughts and emotions; and, not let them build up.

What are things you do to take care of your well-being? What self-care practices would you like to start doing? Please let me know in the comments. (For more self-care ideas click on this link:

All rights reserved. ©2017 by A. K. Orobko


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