Finding Über Bliss


I had an amazing adventure two weeks ago that allowed me to disengage from the U.S. presidential inauguration and all things political. I traveled by train and then by rental car to a place where I was able to immerse myself in serenity. I went to a retreat/workshop presented by Jill Badonsky entitled: Finding Uber Bliss: A Wildly Creative Journey to the Present Moment.

This journey took my spirit, my heart and my physical body to the balmy southern Florida city of Delray Beach. The warm, tropical climate was a nice respite from the frigid winter temperatures I had been experiencing in Virginia; however, the best part of the retreat was being in the present moment with like-minded, supportive and loving souls. While we each came from different circumstances and backgrounds, we were all seeking the same thing… bliss and acceptance; and, training to be a source of inspiration for others.

Each activity we did was done mindfully. We paid attention. We were deliberate with every action we took from walking a meditative labyrinth, to observing our surroundings with all our senses, to writing and drawing about it in our journals. The first step to finding über bliss is, in fact, to pay attention. How do you pay attention? Start by becoming completely aware of everything you are seeing, hearing tasting, smelling, and feeling inside and out.

Throughout the weekend we were encouraged to keep a “reminder journal” to collect anything that brought us bliss through words and images. I experienced and learned how to be present in my joy by: paying attention, creating an inner sanctuary, looking at things differently, tweaking the inner voices of creativity, using creative license, and sharing with others. In the weeks to come, I will be sharing my version of Finding Über Bliss as an on-line seminar. Stay tuned.

All rights reserved. ©2017 by A. K. Orobko

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