Addressing F.E.A.R.


Good things come to those who believe. Better things come to those who wait, and the best things come to those who never give up and NEVER give into their fears. ~ Dr. Angi

Spiders, snakes and bats, oh my!
What do you fear most and why?

What truly scares you the most in your life? What is that “creature” hiding in your inner closet (your heart) that is preventing you from moving to the next level of success in your life? Most of us fear intangible things, like being on stage, doing something new, getting your heart broken, having your feelings hurt, and failure. Dr. Wayne Dyer referred to fear as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real (from his book Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling, p. 239). Intangibles are not going to kill us; therefore, fear in this case does not prevent death. It prevents life!

The best thing we can do is to never give into our fears of failure, hurt, and the like. But, how? Let us start by brainstorming and visualizing ourselves without the fear. Awareness is key. What would our life look and feel like if we had no fear of failure, of entering into a new situation or relationship, of being on stage, et cetera? Would we be able to fulfill our purpose and desires if we did not have fear holding us back? YES, absolutely. How does that feel? Let us hold onto that POSITIVE feeling!

Now, that we can pinpoint and identify what our fear is, we can address our fear. This false evidence appearing real (FEAR) wants to be acknowledged because it is trying to protect our egos, which is so intertwined with our physical bodies that we forget that when our ego is bruised it does not cause physical injury. Let us send gratitude to our fear. And, then let us examine more deeply through visualization, writing or any other creative expression what our lives would look like when acknowledge and then give fear permission to go on vacation because its job is done. Entertain the possibilities of your life without the limitation of fear. We got this!

Fearlessness is about showing up each day, embracing life, and seizing the moments. It is also about giving yourself permission to be you and delight in who you are! Each of us is a valuable and intricate part of the Universal tapestry, where each fiber adds strength, beauty and purpose. So, it is important for each of us to believe, be patient and to always try again! Don’t give up! And, don’t give into fear!

Bonus… a poem for encouragement…


by Dr. Angi (© May 7, 2012)

When you feel like you are in overdrive,
Feeling pent-up pressure, staying alive!
Then it is time for Letting Go!

Release, vent and breathe in some air;
Allow, permit, feel free to share…
Worries, fears…be gone, good-bye!

Invite in the love and the joy,
Positive energy, presently employ.
Embrace this time of Letting Go!

Stormy weather comes with its gloom,
But its rains help the flowers to bloom.
Mother Nature knows the wisdom of Letting Go!

Let go of the sorrows.
Let go of the fear.
With the tomorrows
Invite and choose cheer.

Now is the time for Letting Go!

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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