12 ways to reduce stress.


Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and U.S. Columbus Day. Many of us have the day off and are enjoying a long weekend. This is a great time to decompress and reduce stress. Here are 12 strategies that I have used:

  1. I make a mindful choice and decide to relax. Worry and stress is NOT going to change the outcome.
  2. I have faith and trust that I am exactly where I need to be in the time and space continuum.
  3. I plan whenever I can by using an altered day planner that I embellished with doodles and other artsy things.
  4. I prepare things ahead of time whenever I can, like meals and my gym bag. I already have an outfit ready for a party I am going to go to at the end of this month.
  5. I keep a pen and paper handy to catch ideas and post reminders everywhere. I have a little notebook in my purse, another one on my nightstand, as well as, stationary stashed around the house to create lists (grocery list, to-do, et cetera).
  6. I take moments throughout the day to just breathe deeply and mindfully.
  7. I usually try to do something fun for 10 to 15 minutes like doodle, draw, color, or make a quick water color in my art journal or art pad; sometimes I will play an on-line game on Lumosity or Pogo.
  8. Occasionally, if I am on overwhelm overload, I will do absolutely nothing for an extended period of time (usually about 5 minutes) with my eyes closed while sitting in a relaxed position.
  9. I write in my journal, positive events that have happened in my life, highlights of the day or week, things that I appreciate, prayers, poems, rhymes, or whatever is on my heart.
  10. I read a passage from an inspirational book such as the Bible or Tao de Ching.
  11. I reminisce on a joyful time in my life.
  12. I allow myself to anticipate a future joyful planned event like vacation, a long weekend, a holiday, or just going home for the day.

Each of these strategies have helped to take the edge off any stress I have experienced. What do you do? Please let me know in the comments. May you have fabulous week and a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving or Columbus Day!

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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