Gradual change, patience, and simplifying things to serve my needs. Are you being served?


As each of us are in a transitional season of fall or spring, we are reminded that changes are a part of all our lives. As in nature, the shifts we need or want to make must be gradual. We cannot expect to do it all in a day. That would be both impractical and unrealistic!

I have never met anyone who decides to run a marathon and then try to do it the very next day! No! We need to start out gradually by slowly adding time to your walking/jogging/running routine. If daily exercise is not a part of our daily routine, then we should start out by walking/running for 5 to 10 minutes every day the first week or so; then add time as we feel comfortable. Eventually we would be able to run the distance of a marathon.

This is the same for any major life style change we wish to make in our lives. If we wish to change our eating habits, we could gradually add and/or eliminate various foods over a course of a month or more until it becomes a habit. For example, if we wish to become vegetarians, we could start with one or two meals a week, eliminating meat and adding other protein sources. We could slowly and gradually create a bank of recipes and reorganize our refrigerators and pantries to support our life style changes.

I often need to remind myself to be gentle and patient…with myself. ~ Dr. Angi

Currently, reorganizing and tidying up my studio is my pet project. I want functionality in my physical space, as well as, clarity and focus in my inner space (within my mind, body, and spirit) Clarity and focus are difficult to establish when I am surrounded by physical clutter, as well as, digital clutter. While this is a good time to for me to simplify and streamline my studio and computer for efficiency, I have found this goal daunting. It is taking me way more time than I expected. I have been going through a period of disarray, which is overwhelming. I need to remind myself to be gentle and patient with myself.

We all know the truism that Rome was not built in a day. Gradual, doable steps are what I need to take. I am choosing to do each step with joy or not do it at all! If it isn’t fun, why bother? I am also visualizing how wonderful my space will look after I have completed my project. Oh, YES! It is going to be AMAZING!

Ultimately, my goal is to surround myself with only things that serve me. I have made a zillion (seems like that many) decisions on whether the items are still functional, have a purpose, make my life easier, make me happy and so on. As I was making these decisions today, I thought about how this could also apply to people.

Are the people in my life serving me? Do they love, respect, and/or support me and my dreams? Are they a positive influence? If not, is it possible that I can limit the amount of time I spend with them? Will my love and kindness influence them?

Sometimes, we need to just bless people and move on. They are doing the best they can with what they have experienced in their lives. And, then limit the amount of time we spend with them, where we can influence them without their negativity affecting us.

So, why not ask the question, am I being served? Or, how is this item, situation or person serving me? How can I render the item, situation or person such that it will be a positive part of my life? It is also good to remember that I get to decide how I wish to feel about any person, place, situation or thing. And, I can decide detach myself from outcomes because that is my choice. By regarding gradual change, patience, and simplifying things, I have discovered how to best serve my needs. Are you being served?

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko

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