Yes, or no?


Decisions, decisions, decisions! Too often in the past, when I made a decision, I did not take into consideration the investment of my time or space that a yes would entail; even though, I knew the value of saying no to others was saying, “yes!” to me. The challenge was that many of the decisions I made were too multi-faceted. I had a tendency to sit on the fence on it. I was inclined to agree to do something or to accept or hang onto something because of this indecision.

Well, recently, I came across a “heuristic technique” or a “hack” or a “shortcut method” to help eliminate indecision from Daniel H. Pink’s Pinkcast. His 92-second video is a bit more “colorful” (pun intended) than how I would express it. Essentially, Dan is implying that a solution to an indecision about something like a new project, meeting, or conference, is to notice how you are feeling about it. A significant positive feeling, like excitement, is a great indicator that you should say YES! If you do not have a that surge of enthusiasm, then the answer is most likely no.

I believe this would be a great technique for me to use when decluttering and organizing not only my space but other aspects of my life. If I am not feeling the enthusiasm, I not going to keep it in my life anymore. I believe it is healthy to reexamine where we are in life from time to time. We may no longer be in that stage in our life where a decision we made a few years ago is as exciting as it had once been; and, now it is time to let it go. I believe this would work well for objects and certain investments. Yes, or no?

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko


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