What are you noticing?


I have found it takes as much time and effort to see the positive aspects in my life as it does the negative; but, acknowledging the good things feels so much better. I find it absolutely gratifying when I can look at a situation and see the benefits of it. Oh, sure, we all could complain about so many things in our life and in the world, right? But, what do we gain by doing that? How does complaining make you feel?

In the end, complaining only leads me to feel angry, sad or fearful. On the flipside, when I appreciate, celebrate, and praise the varying aspects and events in my life and in the world, I feel encouraged, hopeful, and joyous! I have found there is light and dark in everything and every situation. And, by focusing on the light, I sense that I attract more light into my life. It is the same energy used in this process, but I choose to aim it in a direction that will bring me bliss. And, it feels delightful.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko

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