Doodle while you wait.


What do you do when you have an unexpected wait, like for an appointment? Well, yesterday I had an unexpected wait; however, it was not for an appointment. I got to go to the airport, which is about 30 miles away from home, to pick up my husband, Rick, who went to visit extended family in Canada. The distance is not huge; but, I had to go through a bridge-tunnel system that often gets backed-up with a ridiculous amount of traffic especially during the summer tourist season.

Expecting a snafu, I planned ahead and allowed myself 3 hours to get there. My intention was to get in the vicinity of the airport, where I could also do a bit of shopping because I knew this would put me about 2 hours ahead of his scheduled arrival. Also, I wanted to miss the regular rush hour traffic, which is exactly during the time my husband was scheduled to land. The drive went pretty well, but, I HAD to take an alternate route because the bridge-tunnel already had a 2-mile back-up at 2:30 p.m. NO worries… I had the wiggle room in my schedule to take the long way around through another bridge-tunnel system that was not backed-up; and, I got to my first destination with plenty of time to look at all the sale items. I even picked up a couple of treats for my husband.

After shopping, I still had about 45 minutes give or take before Rick’s plane was scheduled to land. I had plenty of time to get good parking and walk to the gate. As I walked toward the gate, I glanced over the flight status board for arrivals and departures. I was taken aback by all the delays and cancellations. I double checked for Rick’s flight; and, you guessed right, his flight was one of the ones that were delayed with NO further information. Yikes!!! An unexpected delay! And, probably a LONG wait.

Lucky for me, I keep a stack of blank index cards and a pen in my purse to take advantage of moments like this to do gesture drawings, illustrations and doodles, depending on the situation. (It is fun for me to do gesture drawings while waiting for food to arrive in a casual restaurant.) I doodled while I waited and waited and waited. Three hours and nine doodles later, Rick’s plane finally lands…a 2.5-hour delay!!! We were both tired, but at least the time went by a little faster because I doodled my time away.

All rights reserved. ©2016 by A. K. Orobko

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